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FNAF Help Wanted 2

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We invite you to the long-awaited continuation of the creepy and exciting world! This version will give you new levels of horror and emotions. Familiar characters and locations return, but this time, brand new mini-games are waiting for you, full of unpredictable challenges.
You will find yourself in a new job, everything will go wrong from the very beginning … You have to uncover the truth and overcome the horrors that lurk in this place. Get ready for classic Fnaf fear, where every wrong move can cost your character their life. This game will take you to the very center of horror. Virtual reality will give you the opportunity to feel every step, sound and shake as you fight. You are waiting for new locations, plot twists and, of course, new animatronics that will scare you in the dark.
The most terrible moments will become even more intense. You are waiting for unique visual effects, awesome atmosphere and exciting gameplay. If you love horror and are looking for new emotional experiences, then Wanted 2 is the perfect choice. Get ready for the tension and unforgettable moments that await you in this amazing sequel to the game that has long been loved by users around the world.

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