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Project Playtime

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A multiplayer project that allows you to immerse yourself in the events that took place at the Playtime Co. toy factory. It differs from classic horror games with incredibly thoughtful and really beautiful graphics, although it has a classic interface and clear, traditional design. The main color scheme varies in orange rusty shades with dark, almost black, deep shadows. And in these shadows, various opponents are sure to meet, creepy enough to make you start to worry and get scared!

Who is the creator of the monster?

The essence of the process is that six people must create a certain toy, gigantic in size, as if they were working in this toy factory. In this case, you will have to confront the monsters that roam the territory of the production workshop and try to interfere.
By the way, what makes the idea interesting and unique is that the seventh user takes on the role of the monster himself, and his goal is to find six workers and kill them. This is what will give a lot of unusual impressions, because in this case you have to resist not a computer monster at all, but a real person who has his own logic, skills and reactions.

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