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Five Nights At Fulp’s

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Any office looks different at night. Nobody is hurrying up and down with papers, there is no buzzing of computers and there are no voices of your coworkers. The telephone doesn’t ring, your boss isn’t breathing down your neck demanding the work to be done ‘yesterday’ and you can simply relax, all alone, and maybe even watch some movie enjoying a cup of hot cappuccino with no lines at the coffee machine.

Don’t stay alone at the office at night!

However, not everything is so cloudless in this game and what looked like nighttime chillout at first may turn into a question of life and death very soon! Five Nights at Fulps is based on another popular horror series, FNAF, setting you up against a bunch of crazy robots that will try to hunt you down and kill you. Your goal is to survive until dawn using various office equipment and your own wits!

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