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We think that we live in a well-predicted and fully explained world. Science keeps feeding new theories to us and discrediting all those fairy tales, legends and horror stories circulating through generations. And we believe it. But then we face something like walking toys in a nighttime pizza house and our whole worldview falls apart. When it happens, we need to rely on people who keep researching the supernatural despite all that the official science is trying to convince us of. In FNAF JR 2, you’ll be playing as one such researcher whose goal is to investigate the enigmatic case of animatronics and find out what kind of power is standing behind them!

Meet animatronics once again – as a ghost buster!

For that purpose, you’ll have to venture into the same old pizzeria where you’ve already spent so many creepy nights getting away from Freddy and other monsters living here. But this time you won’t be a scared night guard locked up in his security booth and eager only to survive until morning. Now you have an important mission to follow and you can’t give in to fear. Take your equipment and start exploring the corridors and rooms of the building trying to collect as many data on the evil toys as possible!

Just like in the previous parts, you’ll have a set of cameras with you – they will not only allow you to track the routes of each animatronic, but also measure its parameters. In particular, you have to keep a close eye on the stability level – this figure shows when exactly the monster is more inclined to get aggressive and actively attack you. Hopefully, this information will help you in taking the right decisions and staying unharmed during your research!

Great atmosphere, addicting gameplay and lots of thrill!

FNAF JR 2 will surely fascinate all the lovers of the series with the amazing atmosphere that instantly allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay. You will want to keep exploring this pizza house over and over again. But just like before, you have to keep in mind that animatronics are very dangerous and they can kill you if you’re not careful enough. See if you can deal with them and let it become the paramount of your supernatural hunter career!

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