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FNAF Killer in Purple 2

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Alert, FNAF fans! Killer in Purple is back, and now he’s even more brutal and totally mad! You’re about to step into the notorious pizzeria where so many unlucky night guards have vanished without a trace and the cheerful exterior is just a disguise for bone-chilling horrors going on inside when the night falls and the lights go out. Will you be able to stay alive this time? That’s what we’re about to see!

Who is this guy in purple?

The main villain of this game is not Freddy, or any other animatronic – it’s Killer in Purple himself. If you’re into the lore of FNAF, you probably know how the evil clockwork monsters came to existence. They were actually put together by one mad genius, a man who then went insane and started killing people, dressed in a costume of a purple bear. After his death, he got stuck in it. And now he’s prowling the halls of the pizzeria, looking for his next victim.

Can you outsmart the Purple Killer?

To survive in FNAF Killer in Purple 2, you’ll have to demonstrate some outstanding reflexes and ingenuity. And of course bravery! Hold yourself together as the monster approaches, and don’t give in to panic. Keep your head cool and prepare to act on the spot – or on the run! It’s going to be an atmospheric horror adventure where tantalizing suspense gives way to terrifying jump scares.

Stay focused and be on your guard! Don’t let the Purple Killer get close to you and try to be one step ahead of this insidious maniac. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay and see if you can find out something new about the mysterious persona of Killer in Purple. Who knows, maybe this knowledge will come in handy in the upcoming FNAF games!

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