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FNAF 2022

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There is nothing more exciting than a new part of your favorite horror game! FNAF 2022 will return you to the notorious Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza where night guards have a creepy tendency to go missing after just a few nights of being on the job. Will you become one of them? Or will you be able to survive and figure out what the hell is happening here? Let’s start playing and find out!

Don’t let animatronics anywhere near you!

Animatronics in FNAF 2022 become more aggressive and merciless. Now you can’t get distracted from the screen of your computer (as well as from the screens of your virtual cameras in the security room) even for a second. Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie and other toys will use every opportunity to get to you, and you have to stay on your guard all the time. Use any means you can lay your hands on and come up with clever traps to prevent them from appearing at a dangerous distance from your office. The monsters are afraid of bright light – use them to scare them away from your door. However, don’t use this trick too often because then you will soon run out of electricity and the toys will break in.

Figure out how to protect yourself using various objects!

In the first parts of FNAF, the player used to be mostly defenseless. Now you can use various items that you can find on the map to protect yourself. Perhaps you can combine a few things into some kind of a shocker to stun Freddy or someone else if they get to you. Of course, that will hardly kill them and won’t even hold them back for too long, but you will still buy yourself some time to run and hide.

FNAF 2022 will surely delight all fans of the series with its signature graphics, ability to meet your favorite animatronics and another portion of thrill waiting for you in this great game. Start playing it right now and see how many nights you will be able to make through in this latest chapter of the famous horror!

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