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Pizza Tower

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Welcome to the amazing virtual world of the Pizza Tower arcade! Get ready for an incredible adventure filled with adrenaline and emotions!

You will plunge into the fascinating story of Peppino Spaghetti, a chef who is mired in debt, and the struggle for the existence of his restaurant. Your heart will beat in time with the main character.

But suddenly, the mysterious Pizza Face, head of the mysterious Pizza Tower, appears on the horizon and announces that he will destroy Peppino’s restaurant! Fury and determination flare up inside the hero. He intends to invade this mystical tower to destroy it and take revenge.

Along the way, Peppino encounters colorful characters, each of which evokes a wide range of emotions in the player. You have to overcome difficult trials and win epic battles with Pepper Man, Vigilante, Noise and even the sinister counterpart of Fake Peppino.

With your help, Peppino will reach the top of the Pizza Tower, where he will face the final battle with Pizza Face. But you suddenly discover that it is only a robot, a ghost doll controlled by Pizza Head himself. And again you have to fight the bosses, gradually making your way to victory.

Only with your help will Peppino destroy the Pizza Tower, trample Pizza Head into the roof and escape with his comrades.

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