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Garten Of Banban

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This is a mystical game that will immerse you in the mysterious world of an abandoned garden. You will explore the mysteries and dark corners of the Banban Garden as you try to uncover the truth behind its empty alleys.

You will go on a journey through gloomy locations where intricate puzzles, mystical creatures and mysterious events await you. It’s up to you to solve puzzles, collect clues and discover new areas of Banban’s Kindergarten to unlock its mysteries and solve the main and most important puzzle related to your missing child.

The graphics and atmosphere of the game create a frightening and mysterious environment that makes you feel awe and adrenaline. You will find unique encounters with a variety of characters and interesting interactions with the environment.
Get ready for an exciting and emotional virtual adventure where every step will bring you closer to unraveling the truth.
As you advance in the game, you will encounter unexpected visitors who will test your courage and make you doubt your every move. However, be brave, because along the way you can also make new friends if you are ready to overcome your fears and find them.

Now you can discover all the secrets of the Banban Kindergarten and immerse yourself in the exciting history of this place. Try to survive the encounters with its unexpected inhabitants and uncover the truth behind its doors…

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