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Choo Choo Charles

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This game, created in the well-known and loved by all the horror genre, also combines elements of survival. In this virtual world, the user will control an archivist whose task is to hunt amazing monsters and gradually improve their transport – the train. This is necessary to defeat the main enemy named Charles. This creepy monster is half train, half fairytale spider that doesn’t mind eating anyone.
There are many tasks and tests to be passed. The game is that you will travel the world by train, collect the necessary resources and hide from the enemy. The main goal is to collect three magical eggs that will summon Charles to battle when the hero is ready for it.
Map of open world locations – an island with railway tracks along which your transport also moves. In addition to Charles, you can also face opponents protecting in-game valuables that you need to complete the mission. The project will give a lot of vivid sensations based on experiences and very strong impressions from the frightening elements of sound design and graphics.

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