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Undergarf – Bad Monday Simulator

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Undergarf: bad monday simulator is an interesting combination of Garfield and Undertale characters, presented as a challenging arcade game – the original bad monday simulator.

In this game, you play as Nermal cat kitten from the animated series “Garfield” and find yourself in the world of Undergarf. Your task is to fight in Undertale style with Sansfield, a crazy fusion of Sans and Garfield characters. Exciting battles and challenges await you, where you will have to show your skills, such as reaction speed, the ability to solve puzzles and much more.

Entertaining arcade contains text dialogues and simplified two-dimensional animation. It offers a unique combination of elements from the Garfield and Undertale games to create an interesting and original gaming experience. Be prepared for the surprises and challenges that come your way.

This game may be of interest to fans of both franchises, but also to those who miss the games that you could play on the console in the 90s. At the moment, the application is available in a browser version, so just launch the game on the site and enjoy this unusual adventure at any convenient time, without downloading any additional applications.

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