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Every good horror game needs a change of characters and a good plot twist to keep the audience interested. The creators of FNAF solved this problem by turning the whole concept upside down and sending you to hunt for the evil animatronics rather than hiding from them! You won’t be given a special gun for that (at least, yet), but you’ll have a no less special paranormal camera and you can use it to finally figure out how you can deal with Freddy and his friends!

Forget the night guard – greet the paranormal researcher!

The mysterious and scary phenomenon of animatronics terrorizing Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for so many years just couldn’t stay unnoticed by the wide public. Not after all the murders and disappearances that took place near that damned pizza house. So now one of the city’s leading paranormal experts is setting out to the sadly famous pizzeria to find out what’s wrong there! He wants to see the legendary killer toys with his own eyes and research them using his special equipment. And maybe he will be able to deal with this threat once and for all! You will be helping him on this uneasy and dangerous quest playing FNAF JR!

What’s new and what’s familiar

The whole gameplay is incredibly nostalgic and contains a lot of familiar elements from the past games. You’ll have to do with a similar set of equipment consisting of cameras that will monitor the paranormal activity of each animatronic you’re watching. There will also be a new parameter introduced that will give you a hint on how to build your further behavior. It’s called stability level. Each of the toys will have a certain value of it showing how close it is to attacking you. The attack will happen when the counter hits zero, so be particularly careful with any of the toys whose stability level is approaching this number!

While the whole environment is not really interactive, it’s still amazingly atmospheric and will instantly allow you to plunge into a thrilling mix of paranoia and suspense. The game also has jumpscares, but they’re not too frightening, especially for hardened fans who have been playing FNAF for a super long time and are already used to things like this. Jumpscares will also be the only times when you’re going to see the animatronics up close. This is different from the original series, but on the other hands it gives a special tint to the new game. Try FNAF JR online right now and see if you can unravel the mystery of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza!

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