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Peppa Pig Horror

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Here you can meet an incredibly sweet character, who is usually kind and not at all aggressive, in an unexpected evil role. It seems that the cute pig from everyone’s favorite cartoon is already tired of wearing pink dresses and being so cheerful. You will recognize her dark side, and the question is whether you will survive this meeting! Immerse yourself in a creepy atmosphere and see how long you can stay alive.

Here, places familiar from childhood from the animated series turn into sinister locations, riddled with fear and incomprehensible horrors. Peppa, previously friendly and joyful, has now become ruthless and vicious. Her delicate rosy cheeks are now shrouded in the shadows of evil, and her laughter will sound like the most terrible laugh in the darkness of the night.

Every step in this gloomy atmosphere is filled with horror and uncertainty. To solve the riddles and questions posed to the player, it will be necessary to explore the gloomy rooms, filled with vile light, and try to survive in this nightmare. Hidden traps and scary monsters will be waiting on every corner.

The project has colorful visual effects, but also involves in an intriguing plot. We need to uncover the secrets associated with the past of Peppa Pig, and try to find out what turned her into such a creepy character.
Get ready for strong emotional impressions!

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