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Fred’s Cereal Company

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Welcome to the world of deadly decisions! On this very ordinary day in July at Fred’s Cereal Company, your hero decides to leave. Your resignation letter has been rejected. It’s time to find out what went wrong here… Immerse yourself in a virtual adventure with elements of comedy and survival. This game is special in that the action is in the first person.
Solve puzzles, quests and other problems that will help the hero overcome trials.
The graphics are amazing, and the atmospheric soundtrack will completely immerse you in the detailed and atmospheric world of the game. Be ready for challenges and take responsibility for your decision.
The game offers a unique experience where you have to quickly switch between items in your inventory to deal with difficult situations. Rotary mechanics add depth to combat and require skill.
Interact with various characters who will provide support and assistance on your way. Their guidance and instructions can be lifesaver or failure, so follow them wisely: no one can be trusted here!
Get ready for an extraordinary adventure where each step can lead to a new discovery or a terrifying ending to this story.

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