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Your favorite horror game has become even creepier and more feature-packed! FNAF PLUS takes your experience of surviving in the company of spooky monsters in plush skin to a whole new level by revamping the models of animatronics and rethinking the entire environment. Let’s start playing and find out what exactly the developers have altered and how it affects the gameplay!

Another five nights to survive through!

The basic task of FNAF hasn’t changed – you still have to make it to the first ray of sunlight by fending off the evil toys inhabiting the pizza house. Their leader is Freddy who is a cute golden bear – at least, he is cute until he turns into his nighttime version. Then you should be extremely careful when you see the red glint of his eyes anywhere on your security cameras! The larger the distance between you and the plush monsters the better, so try to maximize it by all means!

Better graphics, updated mechanics and more exciting gameplay!

What makes FNAF PLUS different from the previous parts is the updated mechanics allowing animatronics to move more smoothly and act in more cunning ways. Now they are twice as dangerous, so you have to stay focused and alert all the time! The developers have added some new toys that you will be surely excited to check out as well as extra objects that will help you survive until dawn. Generally, the whole process has become more gripping and addicting. Interested to check it out for yourself? Make your own opinion about the new FNAF version playing it online on our site!

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