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FNAF Security Breach

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Freddy Fazbear’s decided that running a small pizzeria is not enough and opened a huge entertainment facility called Pizzaplex! Here kids and adults can have all sorts of fun, marvel at a musical performance of a rock band consisting of animatronics and of course enjoy the tastiest pizza in town. However, things just couldn’t go all that right in another FNAF game, and you’re in danger again. Will you be able to get through all the troubles and survive this time? You have to start playing to find that out!

Get away from animatronics and return home safely!

In FNAF Security Breach, the main character has changed. Now it’s not Mike, a twenty something night guard, but a little boy named Gregory who came to Pizzaplex looking to have fun, just like everyone else. He got lost during the event and remained in the building after it was closed. That’s when his horror adventures begin! Playing as Gregory, you need to get out of the complex that consists of multiple rooms, halls and floors avoiding any of the evil toys that may try to kill you.

Compared to the previous parts, the game is even more terrifying and atmospheric. Here animatronics really look frightening. Their moves are angular and robot-like, their eyes gleam red and they have a habit of looking into the camera when you watch them which can really creep you out. Besides, the whole atmosphere is significantly enhanced by sound effects – all the rustling and squeaking, all the banging of the doors and the screams of the robots themselves – these little things immerse you in a paranoid state and you can literally feel the hair on your hands move as you make your way through another dimly lit corridor.

Enjoy the atmosphere and shivers running down your spine!

At the beginning, the gameplay is mostly linear. But as you progress through the game, you’ll get more and more freedom of action. You will find various items that can be used in different ways. For instance, you can open an entrance to the ventilation system using a screwdriver. There are also plenty of secrets at each of the locations – the data contained in computers, notes from Pizzaplex staff left in desks and on tables, collectibles and other exciting things. Wanna find out more? Then launch FNAF Security Breach this very moment!

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