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FNF Vs Freddy Beatbox

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As you know, animatronics from FNAF are no strangers to music. After all, their job at the pizza house is to sing and dance to make the kids smile. So it’s no wonder Freddy turned out such a fan of music and rap in particular. Tonight he is going to clash with Boyfriend on stage fighting for the title of the best rapper!

Rap together with Freddy!

Your character is ready to begin! He only waits for you to start hitting the buttons. However, you need to do that strictly in time with the beat if you want to maximize your score. Being too slow (too fast is no good either) will diminish both your score and your health. Moreover, Freddy might be using some foul tricks against you and you should be ready for that! Plunge into this riveting and a little bit creepy horror adventure and groove to the music!

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