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FNAF Help Wanted

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A virtual reality project inspired by the FNAF universe was developed by Steel wool studios in collaboration with Scott Cawthon, creator of the Five nights at freddy’s game series. The project recreated and reworked classic moments from previous games in the series.
This time, the author offers players various tasks and challenges related to the frightening world of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where mechanical animatronics are chasing the main character. The user will have to survive and manage various security systems in order to avoid animatronic attacks and survive, according to tradition, all night.

Incredible action-packed adventure

Virtual reality support creates a more intense and realistic gaming experience. This will allow you to get the most thrills, emphasizing the appropriate atmosphere. Thus, it turns out to fully ensure the effect of presence in locations next to realistic and creepy characters.
At the same time, the plot includes various levels of difficulty, modes and secrets that can be discovered during the passage, which makes it even more interesting and exciting, and addictive for a long time!

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