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Night Of The Consumers 2

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This is a fun and chaotic game in the genre of simulation, action, horror and quest at the same time. It puts the user in the role of a night shift worker in a busy shopping mall. As the seconds tick by, players need to navigate Black Friday-like sales, manage impatient and unpredictable shoppers while keeping store shelves stocked and tidy. But at one point, right before closing, something goes wrong. Clients begin to behave strangely and even aggressively. Dealing with demanding customers and unexpected obstacles, players must demonstrate excellent multitasking skills and maintain their sanity during the chaos. And here begins the real struggle for survival!

With its wacky humor, addictive gameplay, and vibrant visuals, Night of the consumers 2 offers a satirical take on the retail experience, delivering hours of fun and laughter.

The 90s-style graphics create an atmosphere that gives you the opportunity to plunge into a nostalgic state. The dialogues are written in English. So you have to be smart to survive until the morning!

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