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Noob Vs 1000 Freddys

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Noob is surely an adventurous guy. Or at least he has a knack for getting in trouble – and getting out of it. This time he has to fight a whole army of animatronics that are attacking him. You’ll have to travel through five different worlds where you’ll be battling against these horrible creatures. Will you be able to survive? Let’s play and see!

Defeat all the animatronics and stay alive!

Unlike other FNAF games, Noob vs 1000 Freddies requires you to get into a direct confrontation with the wicked dolls and teddy bears that have gone berserk. It’s nothing like hiding in your security room and watching the toys wake up and move around the pizzeria. Here you need to act on the go using a vast arsenal of weapons to deal with your enemies. So pick up your gun and get ready for a real massacre!

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