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FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) is probably one of the most popular horror games in the whole web. It puts you in the role of a young guy who just got hired as a night guard (although there are also other characters introduced later on) and needs to survive in a dark and empty pizza house surrounded by crazy robotic toys trying to kill him. Each new chapter of FNAF introduces another twist to this story, and very soon the game goes from a simple survival quest to a complicated and gripping story about animatronics, their origin and past!

Survive through five nights at a cursed pizza house!

The events unfold mostly at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza – a cosy family pizzeria that got famous thanks to a bunch of clockwork toys singing and dancing to delight the kids. These toys look cute and innocent in the daylight. And none of the visitors even suspects that at night they turn into real monsters. The adorable golden teddy bear named Freddy springs off his shelf with his face twisted in a crooked grin and an evil red fire glaring in his eyes. He stars roaming the building obviously looking for someone to tear apart. Will it be you? That depends on your survival skills, ingenuity and reaction!

Stay away from Freddy and other animatronics!

There are several means of fending off the monsters at your disposal. First of all, you have a whole row of cameras showing various corners of the pizzeria. You can watch animatronics through them seeing when each of them wakes up and where it heads. Thus you can take protective measures whenever any of them approaches your post dangerously close. For instance, you can switch the lights on and off in different parts of the building – bright light scares Freddy and his friends and they will look for another way to your glass booth. You can also remotely open and close electrically controlled doors to prevent the monsters from using any shortcuts to get to you. However, there is a catch – the electricity supply is limited and you might run out of it very soon if you’re not sparing enough. Keep that in mind!

The FNAF series doesn’t end there. The basic gameplay keeps getting expanded in new parts inviting you to find out more about Freddy and his friends, their creator and the whole dark magic behind it. You’ll meet new characters, get to play as a little boy Gregory or a supernatural investigator, confront all animatronics at once in Ultimate Custom Night and much more. Start playing and see for yourself!

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