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Granny Chapter Three

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The third part of Granny is a continuation of the very popular horror game in which a man finds himself locked in his sinister grandmother’s house. The goal is to collect various items and decipher puzzles in order to find a way out of the house and avoid running into the same Granny. The creepy old woman is the main antagonist of the plot, she tries to capture the main character and lock him in the basement for seven days.

A person must carefully move around the house, avoiding sounds and traps that may attract the attention of a monster. The house has various rooms and secret passages that the user must explore to find hidden items and clues. You also need to solve puzzles and use the items found to open new areas of the house and move on.

The gameplay is characterized by a tense and atmospheric atmosphere, where you have to make quick decisions and be careful not to get caught in the eyes of a terrible old woman. Go in search of keys, tools and other useful items that will help you find a way out and escape from an old frightening house.

The third part is filled with even more horror and tension, and it adds new sound and visual effects.

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