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On the outside, it seems to be a usual pizzeria. People come here to have a tasty meal and it’s particularly popular among families with kids because of the charming clockwork toys that sing and dance to entertain the guests. However, none of them has any idea of what these very toys turn into when it’s night…

Can a teddy bear be a killer?

Playing as Mike, the guy who has to keep order in the pizza house at night, you will witness a weird thing – the toys will start opening their eyes, coming into motion and springing off their places to wander around the building. And it also seems to be dangerous because the expressions of their faces will change. The most dangerous one is Freddy the Teddybear. You need to keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn’t approach your post dangerously close! However, you should also beware of the other toys because they are aggressive and evil too. Watch them through your security cameras and control their movements by opening and closing electric doors from your panel. Make sure you have just enough power supply left to survive until the morning playing FNAF 4 online! Hopefully, you’ll manage to do it!

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