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FNaF Shooter

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Ever regretted not having a gun in your hands playing FNAF games? Now this mistake has been fixed! In this shooter version of the famous horror game, you will have a chance to leave a hole in each of the animatronics rushing at you. You just have to be agile and accurate enough for that!

Shoot every last animatronic at the scene!

This time, the action unfolds not in the iconic pizzeria, but at a supermarket where you were locked at night. As usually, you’re attacked by the wicked toys that you know all too well. But there are much more of them and they move towards you out in the open. Your only hope is the gun you’re holding in your hands – and your shooting skills. Your enemies will have the same features and peculiarities as in the previous games of the series – for instance, they don’t like light very much. Use it against them and you will up your chances!

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