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Imagine that you’re locked in a dark and scary pizza place together with a bunch of murderous toys. Sounds like a bad dream, and maybe it is. But you need to survive until morning if you ever hope to see the sunlight again! Will you be able to do it? Play FNAF 3 and find out!

Don’t let the crazy toys kill you!

In the third part of the famous horror game, you will once again take up the role of a night guard who needs to watch over the pizzeria after dark. However, you won’t be alone in the building. The cute toys that calmly sit on their shelves during the day getting off them only to perform their clockwork dancing and singing suddenly come alive and turn into their evil versions. Now they are on the hunt, and they are hunting for you! Led by a big golden teddy bear named Freddy, they are roaming the premises searching for a victim. Each of them wakes up at a certain time, so you can figure out how to deal with them better based on their specific behaviors. You can’t let them come even an inch closer to your glass booth – the only protection you have. Use the means at your disposal to keep the mad toys at bay, but remember that your electricity supply is limited and if it runs out, you’ll be left totally defenseless!

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