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Sparky Marky

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Exploring an abandoned children’s health camp and unraveling its dark secrets sounds exciting!
In an atmosphere of complete mystery and danger, the user will visit a very strange children’s camp, which looks abandoned and abandoned. Images of ruined buildings, neglected nature and forgotten objects can help set the right mood.

Interesting locations

Players from all over the world can explore various camp locations, including the dining room, sleeping quarters, sports fields, and more. You need to look for various clues and clues that will help uncover the secrets of the camp. Evidence can be objects, notes, photographs, or even audio recordings that will help the investigation. Some of the hints are on the project’s Discord server, and it’s also very important to interact with other users in this way, as well as get the appropriate hints.
During the journey, you may need a camp map, a flashlight, a hook to collect items from afar, or a cipher device to decipher codes, as well as other items that will help solve the mystery.
Having Sparky adds an element of danger and tension. You need to stay as far away from him as possible, but his invisible presence is felt almost everywhere, and this adds to the thrill.

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