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What is happening in this strange building when the darkness falls? People are talking about some figures in animal costumes roaming through the neighborhood and creeping everyone out. But maybe it’s not people dressed up as animals, but animals themselves! Or, to be precise, their artificial animatronic versions from the famous pizza house. Will you be able to stay alive if you meet them? That’s what you’re about to see playing FNAF 5!

Animatronics are on the hunt again!

Here you will oppose Freddy and his animatronic gang that will be hunting you down all over the pizzeria trying to kill you. The toys won’t attack at once – each of them is activated in its own time and then moves around following a certain pattern. Learning those patterns is key to success. You have to watch all the doors closely and also keep an eye on the ventilation system. Your main goal is to prevent the animatronics from coming into your office! You only have to hold out until morning when the dark force bringing them into motion will vanish and they will become just an innocent bunch of toys again. However, it won’t be that easy and you’ll have to do it for five nights in a row. Good luck!

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