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Have you missed Freddy and other characters from FNAF? Then you just have to start playing FNAF 10 and find out what’s waiting for you in the tenth chapter of the legendary horror! The fans of the series are definitely already familiar with the plot and are looking forward to plunge into new adventures of the main hero who works as a security guy at what seems to be a common pizzeria.

Are you afraid of Freddy and his animatronic friends?

And really, nothing special happens here in the daytime. However, you shouldn’t stay here at night because you’ll be left all alone in the company of the mysterious animatronics! These monsters don’t sit still – when they come alive after midnight, they start attacking anyone who is still in the building. Surviving after meeting them is almost impossible – they will tear you apart and stuff you into a costume of a big bear to make you one of them. So if you don’t want to turn into just the kind of a monster, you’d better watch out!

Survive until dawn and repeat it for five nights in a row!

Your task is to watch your enemies through multiple cameras and screens that are in your security rooms. You’ll see every toy making its way around the building, but don’t forget to switch the tumbler on your control panel to block the door or turn on the lights in the hall that you want to monitor. Be sparing about usage of electricity – its amount isn’t infinite. Once you’re out of your power supply, there will be nothing separating you from the killer toys. FNAF 10 will thrill you with its spooky atmosphere, lots of screamers and the incredible feeling of suspense we love the game for so much. Check it out online and see for yourself!

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